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Quest martial arts is a honest, family oriented business that teaches kids and adults discipline,respect and most of all how to have fun while learning martial arts! Mr. Quintero the owner, is so great with teaching children&  teens!  He motivates them and he puts in effort and  dedication into  instilling a positive and structured mentality into children by making class fun and enjoyable. "Mr.Q"  they call him, Teaches them how to respect and apply daily lessons learned in class to everyday life. Go Take a class and learn some self defense you won't be disappointed!

Sonia G.  Quest kids martial arts has taught and help both my boys mature, learn respect, discipline, team work and to know when to defend themselves. Mr. Q is a great teacher and my kids are in great hands I highly recommend Quest kids.

Juan M.  Quest Kids Martial Arts keeps amazing is day after day. Not only is out little guy training hard and shows extreme discipline, Mr. Q motivates the kids and adults not only to do their best but also shows them excel and maximize their efforts in all they do. Quest Kids also puts together amazing birthday parties and events at their facility that is just simply speechless! The work they put in for any themed birthdays or events is hands down perfection. I mean they take care of it all. I can't wait to get the party on!!!! Thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts! 

Our little champion on his way to black belt with Quest Martial Arts! What an amazing training facility for kids and adults! Not only learning discipline, character, motivation, but also learning how to defend himself and most importantly how to treat others with respect. Me and mommy could not be prouder of what a man this little guy is becoming!!!!            


Our little man has been with Quest Kids for about 6 months. Not only has he learned self discipline, respect towards everyone, and be more responsible, but he has also learned how to be more assertive towards daily tasks and chores at home. He is only 6 1/2 but he has demonstrated growth at his young age. Mr. Q is an exceptional instructor who has taken our little man and guide him in martial arts as well as teaching him respect and discipline. We decided to put him in summer camp with the school and it has been a true blessing with daily activities as well as field trips that keeps all the kids busy all day. Is truly is an amaizing place to put kids in to learn martial arts, life values, and goals!!!

Jessica C.  Our boys love this place!  They can't seem to get enough.  The instructors are great with the children, making learning discipline and fitness fun for the children.  The Quest Kids family has become our second family!  Quest Kids Martial Arts is an awesome location for young and old. My children have developed their self confidence and discipline. Mr. Q is great instructor. I have had the privilege of observing various classes instructed by him and have seen that children from all walks of life thoroughly enjoy his class and develop great self esteem and discipline! Great family friendly environment fro all ages!

Albina C.  Quest Kids is all about promoting a healthy lifestyle for kids, teens and adults.  Mr. Quintero combines fitness skills and martial arts.   Students learn self-defense through TaeKwonDo and while also learning the importance of having a positive attitude and demonstrating confidence. Monthly life skills, such as respect and self discipline  are reinforced as well as encouraging good grades, study skills and habits.  Adult fitness classes and MMA classes are also available.  Our family has been with Quest Kids for four years.  If you're looking for a positive environment for yourself or your kids, Quest Kids Martial Arts is the place to go!

Isis O.  My boys love this place!  They can't seem to get enough between regular classes, nija nights, spring break and summer camp.  The instructors and staff are great with the children. They not only learn self defense skills but they learn the many fundamental things in life like respect, motivation, self discipline, confidence and so many more and they have lots of fun while learning. I recommend this place to everyone

Patricia S.  My son has been taking Tae-Kwon-do for almost two years at Quest Kids Martial Arts. I love it. Mr. Q is a great teacher. He is strict and kind at the same time. My son has become more responsible and more well rounded thanks to Quest. Mr. Q also encourages good grades and rewards the kids when they bring in their report cards. Great place to take your kids to learn Martial Arts and become more well rounded individuals. :)

Nieves R  This is an awesome place for your kids to learn so many skills.  They not only learn self defense skills but they learn the many fundamental things in life like respect, motivation, perseverance, self discipline, confidence and so many more.  And they have lots of fun while learning.

Mary M  Quest Kids Martial Arts is a great place for our children. It is the place where discipline, respect to the others and fun meet. Got love it.

Cathy G  my son loves it... my son has gained confidence and discipline!!! :)

Karin  Mr. Q is an amazing instructor my son has learned tons of self confidence and self discipline. Mr Q. also has an amazing after school and summer camp program where your kids can be safe have fun and feel loved. I also love the adult program. I am 31 years old and currently have a brown belt in taekwondo which I've been able to do right along side my son. So far I've lost 25lbs and my health is getting better and better. If your looking for a family friendly place to learn taekwondo Quest Kids Martial Arts is exactly the place you need.

Carry P  Quest Kids has been an amazing place for my son. My son was not a good student, conduct was not great. He is a good kid but hated school and didn't take pride in his work. Ever since he started at Quest Kids he has been very motivated by Mr. Quintero. His dedication to these kids is unmatched. This year he received all certificates, medals and trophy and I feel like a big part of his achievement has been because of his training and discipline which has been taught by Mr. Quintero. I am humbled and grateful that Mr. Quintero and Quest Kids are a part of my son's life. The best part is my son loves it, if it were for him we would be in Quest Kids every day. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :)

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